About the test

Can I take the test in my native language?

The test can be taken in English and arrangements can be made for anyone wishing to take the test in either Welsh or Scottish Gaelic.

When should I take the test?

You should take the test when you are ready to apply for naturalisation or settlement. Test results are valid for an indefinite period however Home Office states they will keep the test results for a reasonable period so taking it too early may cause problems.

I’ve passed the test for my settlement application. Do I need to take the test again for naturalisation application?

No. The new naturalisation application form asks whether you have already passed the test for settlement application. All you need to do is to tick the relevant box.

Where should I take the test?

There are many test centres available throughout the United Kingdom and you can take the test in a most convenient place for you. A complete list of test centres can be found at Life in the UK Test Centres.

How much does it cost?

The test costs £34 for each attempt. Payment methods may vary for each test centre. Make sure you have checked with the test centre whether they accept your method of payment while booking the test.

What form of identification do I need to take to the test centre?

Please check with the test centre for detailed requirements or consult: http://www.lifeintheuktest.gov.uk/htmlsite/booking_10.html

What formats available for the test?

The test is only available in computer based format however you can have questions to be read out to you by the computer. If you are not good with the computers, please try keyboard training and mouse training provided by the official Life in the UK Test website.

Where can I find study materials?

You can find relevant study materials and practice test questions at Prepare: Life in the United Kingdom Test website. The site requires free registration.

You can also buy the original book Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship

What should I study?

You should study Chapter 2 (A changing society), Chapter 3 (UK today: A profile), Chapter 4 (How the United Kingdom is governed), Chapter 5 (Everyday needs), Chapter 6 (Employment) of the official book (second edition).

Has everyone being asked the same questions?

No. The computer will randomly pick the questions from a database. There are known to be over 30 different set of questions.

I’ve found questions from another source. Can they be same as the ones in the real test?

No. The actual test questions cannot be disclosed or discussed. Even if you have found a source, you are doing something illegal which may jeopardize your status in the UK.

I already live in the UK and know a lot about life here. Do I still study?

The test is based on the book and contains some in depth information. It is highly recemmonded to study for the exam even for the people who is resident here for many years and already has fair amount of information on daily life. Most of the people fail the test due to not studying. You are advised to read the relevant chapters from the book couple of times, go through practice tests until you are confident with them and get high scores every time and read the book one last time.

How does the test work?

Once your (and any other person who is taking the test at the same time with you at the test centre) details are logged in, you will be seated in front of a computer which is connected to a test server. The instructor will guide you with some simple steps and ask you to answer the sample question (most people gets this question wrong, do not panic). When everyone is ready, the test will start. There are 24 multiple choice questions 18 of which should be correctly answered to pass. You will have 45 minutes to answer the questions and even if you finish early, your results will not be given until everyone else finishes the test. We strongly recommend you to try Navigation tutorial provided by the official Life in the UK Test website.

When do I learn my test result?

Immediately after the exam once everyone is finished.

What proof do I get if I pass the test?

You will be given a pass notification letter. The letter will also be copied to Home Office online.

Can I get a replacement copy of the pass notification letter if the original is lost or damaged?

No. You will need to take the test again.

Can I take the test immediately after if I have failed?

There is no limitation on number of times you can take the test in a certain period. Please bear in mind that each attempt will cost you time and money.

How can I get more information about the test?

You can call Life in the UK Test Helpline which is available on 0800 0154245. You can also submit your query to Life in the United Kingdom Forums.

64 Responses to “About the test”

  1. Andrea says:

    I have been in the UK for 15 years I have done my GCSE and A-levels do i still have to do the life in the uk test or can I send my results and qualifications instead

  2. Karen Hermi says:

    My Husband has just taken his ILR test and come out and unfortunatly failed. He has been given the sheet to say he has failed but no score/percentage of how well he has actually done. I have tried calling the test authoriser but i cant get in contact with her, so I got given the number for UKBA. I called the UKBA and didn’t get much of a awnser from them either just alot of umming and arring.
    If anyone know’s how to find this infomation out please do contact me on; missgemini1965@hotmail.co.uk
    as i dont think it is fair we are paying money to not even be given a good idea of how he has done.

  3. manal says:

    I have passed the test,and I got my pass notification letter, but I’ve noticed my name appear on the other names instead of Name
    Other Names: manal
    will be fine or I have to take the test again

  4. janeth says:

    hello my spouse will expire in september 2012 im bit confuse about the test i have to take, do i have to take, i dont know where can i take the test about ESOL i live in wales, or with the test life in the uk include the Esol too? im really confuse hope you help me, thanks

  5. erly says:

    hello everyone, i need to know the new policy life in the uk test is every 6 months expire?because i was passed my life in the uk test last 2010.i had PERMANENT RESIDENCE PERMET already.but i did not file as a citizenship yet.do i need to exam again?
    pls. help me…thanks.

  6. Dhurba devi Gurung says:

    Please kindly tell me i arrived UK last APRill
    2011 on Spouse visa( my husband have British
    Citizenship) my visa expiring on July 2013. So
    can i give life in the UK test now ? how long its
    test valid time? thanks.

  7. dave says:

    I lost my original certificate for Life In UK test. Then i went back to the test center and they gave me copy of pass notofication. I asked my lawer (Malik Law) is this valid?? he says yes. but my application been rejected on basis of that Life In UK Test certificate.

    Now I went in Apeal on same document. that what my lawer advice me.

    will it work?? I do not have original certificate for life in uk test. but i did submited my copy of test result.

  8. Vineetha Mathew says:


    We are going for Indefinite leave to Remain on 2015, Can we appear for the LIfe In the UK test now? Will that be valid till 2015, as I read new edition is going to come, will that overrule old edition?


  9. Erwin Wylie says:

    How long is the test valid please? i.e. I have passed my Life in the UK test recently but I am not financially ready to apply for Indefinite Leave to remain.

  10. Emily Ilieva says:

    Could you please tell me, do i have to take the test,as i have already have an indefinite leave to remain.
    I have been living in the UK for the last 18 years.
    I have attended a lot of training with different organizations.
    I work for the local council and have been taking part in the local elections.
    Do i really need to pass this test,or i can apply for citizenship directly?

    Many thanks

  11. waqas says:

    hi i already pass life in the uk test december 2012 i am going to apply idefinite leave to remain on nov 2013 basis of long term resdiencey i just want to ask my life in the uk is valid or i have to resit thanks

  12. DEV RAM RAI says:

    Hi ,
    I Would like to know the validation of Life in UK test certificate.

    Thank you

  13. DEV RAM RAI says:


    I would Like to know the validation of Life in Uk test Certificate.

    Many Thanks.

  14. akila says:

    hai we will going to indefenite leave to remain in 6 th of march 2016.i have already pass the life in the uk test in 2012. can i applied for llr .pls tell

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